Painted Mountain Ranch
        Swissy Family Photos       

Following on this page are pictures from our Painted Mountain Family Album, that were shared with us by their owners.  We enjoy watching our extended family, so those of you with Painted Mountain pups please do send us pictures on a frequent basis so that we might feature them here!

Ch. Painted Mtn Deception and her kids Ch. Painted Mtn Olympus - "Kinser"
"Dezi" - 2 years 10 Months - Best of Winners ( 5 point major)
Owner:  Linda Cresswell Owner:  Shellice Bartholomew

Painted Mtn Pacific King Painted Mountain Kokanee Painted Mountain Coho & Painted Mt's Poirer Whirlaway
"Zoom" 20 months "Kokanee"  15 months "Cody" - 2 years  "Windy" - 4 years
Owner:  Gary Lewindowski Owner:  Regina Reese Owners:  Kyle & Julie Miller

Painted Mtn. Sweet Heart Ch. Painted Mtn Still Water Chinuk, Ch. Painted Mtn Instant Attraction &  Hanna Painted Mtn Seattle Slew
"Eli" 1 years "Takoda" 3 years, "Kavan" 14 months, "Gunnar"  2 years
Owners:  Bradley & Zorica Shelton Owners:  Renee Chambers & Betsy Dowell Owner:  Joani & Bill Willis

Painted Mtn. Wynsum Inception & Painted Mtn. Wynsum Hearts Painted Mtn Man O'War Painted Mtn Columbia Ice
"Seirra" - 5 months & "Winston" -  1 year "Rutger" with Harold - 3 years "Bailey" and friends - 2 years
Owner:  Stacie Watson Owner:  Wendy Porter Owners:  Christina & Jeff Greenway


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